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Anti Skin Spray – (Preventing oxidation of inks)

Description: Anti Skin Spray to prevent oxidation of inks, a fine spray will prevent skinning of all inks and varnishes. A heavy spray will eliminate overnight wash-ups, contains (CAS No.): Isoparaffinic Solvents (64742-47-8), Hexane (110-54-3), 2,6 Di-Ter-Butyl-Para-Cresol (128-37-0), Isopropyl Alcohol (67-63-0), Liquified Petroleum Gas (68476-85-7) – (Reference to #44050). An excellent product to keep the surface of inks without skin (dried ink film) when the printing process stop for longer time.

Application: Shake container thoroughly, hold can upright about six to eight inches from surface. Press firmly on bottom and apply a thin even, continuous coatings for prolonged or overnight protection or for glossy or fast drying inks, either spray surface twice or apply heavier coatings. Use on rollers inch press forward after spraying exposed areas, repeat until the entire surface is coated, spray on roller ends to help prevent cracking and build-up glaze. It help to loosen rubber based inks which have set overnight on rollers. Spray entire surface of liquid in fountains for easier wash-up, spray unto fountain before adding inks. Can be used to slow-down ink drying time by spraying unto ink and mixing well.

Standard Packing:  Can 400grams

Product Code: SN 2011