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LSPS Series – Letter Set Polystyrene Inks – (Food Packaging Products)

Description: Dry Offset/LetterSet Inks or LSPS Series are polyester based inks specially designed for dry offset printing on polystyrene, pre-treated HDPE, PP, PET, PVC substrates (e.g. cups, tubs, buckets and lids). It has high color strength, good presses stability on high speed dry offset presses, excellent adhesion and scratch resistant. And It exhibits an excellent resistance to most dairy products. Recommended for food packaging as in cups for juices, milks, yogurts etc…

Application: For printing by dry offset process on polystyrene, pre-treated HDPE, PP, PET, PVC subsrtrates, recommended to all types of dry offset machines.

Standard Packing: Can 1.5kgs(White) | Can 1kg(Other colors)