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FWF Series – Hydro Poly Inks (Paper & Plastic Stickers / Paper Cups)

Description: FWF Series or hydro poly inks are water reducible inks specially formulated for Flexographic printing process on coated and un-coated paper stickers, PVC stickers, treated plastic films (e.g. PE, PP or other treated poly olefins) and foils. It is very good for surface printing where ink film dries quickly on the substrates. (Treatment level should be 38 dynes  minimum for better adhesion).

Application: For printing Flexographic printing process (narrow web) on paper (e.g. coated & un-coated , thermal or NCR etc.) and non-absorbent plastic stickers or PVC stickers, treated poly coated boards (e.g. PE coated), treated plastic films (PE, PP and other poly olefins) and foils.

Standard Packing: Pail 20kgs