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RFS Series – Gravure Lamination – (Food Packaging Products)

Description: Rotoflex Process colors or RFS Series are multipurpose solvent based inks specially designed and formulated for Rotogravure printing and Flexographic printing method. These inks can be used for reverse printings, lamination jobs and surface printings on treated OPP films, polyester films etc…

Application: RFS inks gives excellent adhesion on corona treated polyethylene films (low or high density) and propylene films, washed aluminum (polyester chemical treated) and coated papers. Not recommended for PVC coated substrates. The low odor and solvent retention characteristic make it particular suited to the packaging of food products. For surface printing, add 3 to 5% RFSA 7726 SamaRoto additives for better printing result and adhesion.

Standard Packing: Pail 20kgs, 25kgs | Drum 200kgs

Product Codes: RFS 20331 – Yellow | RFS 31741 – Magenta | RFS 41864 – Blue | RFS 60030 – Black