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Riyadh Offset Inks Series – (Publishing, Magazine, Advertising, Packaging & others)

Description: Riyadh Offset Process Colors series are specially designed and formulated for the high printing machines, more environmentally safe raw materials and a formulation approach that ensures machine friendly ink technology. Riyadh process inks have shown much superior performance in semi coated papers and absorbent substrates. Riyadh process inks are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technology that guarantees high level production reliability and best print performances.

Application: Offset Riyadh Process inks are the economic type highly suitable for printing on semi coated papers and un-coated substrates etc., it exhibits excellent dense color, increased brightness and dot sharpness. Very excellent rub resistance and dampening solution tolerance.

Standard Packing: Can 1kg | Can 2.5kgs

Product Code: OS30 9991 – Yellow | OS30 9992 – Magenta | OS30 9993 – Cyan | OS30 9994 – Black