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SCM Series – Silk Screen Metal Inks – (Metal/Steel & Aluminum print works)

Description: Silkscreen Metal Inks or SCM Series are solvent based inks specially formulated for silkscreen printing method on metal surfaces (Plain metal or with base-coatings). It exhibits good glossy and excellent adhesion, it could be air-dried or accelerated drying by heating process (oven). Al Sama silk screen metal ink is suitable for printing metal like aluminum or steel. Without passing any heater, the printed surface wll dry to touch in 15-30 minutes, but adhesion and scratch test must be done only after 12-24 hours. When heater or oven is available our SCM dries at 80-90 degree celcius for 5-10 minutes. It has an excellent adhesion, gloss and scratch resistance. Recommended screen mesh 120T.

Application: For printing by silkscreen process on metal substrates with or without base coat.

Standrad Packing: Can 1.5kg (White) | Can 1kg (Other colors)