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SCPE Series – Silk Screen PolyEthylene Inks – (Plastic, Glasses, Ceramics, Formica, Metal & Wood)

Description: Silk screen polyethylene inks or SCPE series are solvent based inks specially designed for silkscreen method. Ity exhibits an excellent curing and adhesion on treated HDPE. Heating process is recommended on printed surface for better gloss and adhesion, resistance to chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents. SCPE inks is a two-pack system (ink and catalyst) for printing on high density polyethylene plastic and rigid PP, a ratio of 4/1 ink and catalyst will dry to hard film with a very strong adhesion on P surface, provided that the PE is fire treated (or flame treated) before printing. This type of silkscreen inks are also recommended to hard-to-print surfaces such as glasses, ceramics, Formica, metal and wood etc.

Application: For printing by silkscreen process on treated polyethylene, treated PET, HDPE and LDPE, treated rigid PP substrates and annealed glasses, ceramics, Formica, Metal and wood substrates.

Standard Packing: Can 1.5kgs(White) | Can 1kg(Other colors)

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