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FWC Series – Dye Colorants

Description: Water based colorants with high concentrates used for as colorant for pulp paper for egg-tray making and dye paper continuously. These basic dyes in supersaturated liquid solution are very stable in water based binder and solutions.

Application: These dye when prepared in low concentrations, are used as stock solution for coloring white paper. it is recommended to consume the stock solution immediately to avoid the solids to precipitate. These dyes are in supersaturated solution, as diluted in a medium concentration. “Note: supersaturated solution spontaneously precipitates and may be unpredictably stable for days or hours”.  Recommended concentration for stock solution is not to exceed 5%-8%.

Use soft water only to dilute dye solution. make sure that the water is free of humic acid, alkalis, chlorine, heavy metal sales (e.g. copper or iron) and corrosion inhibitor. Dilute stock solution of dyes with condensed steam at temperature not exceeding 30 degree C. No more than one day’s supply of stock solution should be prepared at any one time.

Use corrosion resistant pipes or tanks only (e.g. plastic or acid resistant steel), do not use copper with basic dyes solution to avoid corrosion and precipitation problems, avoid powerful mixing that may cause spray deposits formed on stirrer shaft or tanks walls. These deposits may block nozzles and pipes, etc.

Standard Packing: 20kgs per Gallon / 1100kgs per IBC container

Product Codes: FWC 44053 – RS Blue Conc. | FWC 51117 – Green | FWC 20951 – Yellow


FWC Series – Dye Colorants