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Fountain Solution Concentrate – (Cleaning Offset Plates)

Description: A complete fountain solution requiring no gum suitable for all types of metal plates and compatible with all type of offset inks. Eliminates scums oxidation, and clean the plate on every revolution. It results in sharper half-tones, denser solids and better lay of ink during printing run.

Application: Add 50 to 250ml of SN 2049 per liters of tap water in your dampening system, (0.5% to 2.5%) fountain solution is a buffered system and will not damage plates. The amount of F.S. reduces surface tension and plates can be run with less water and less ink. Most plates do not have to be gummed during press down-time for up to one hour because the non-image is protected with F.S. at recommended pH of 4.5 to 5.5

Standard Packing: 5kg per Gallon / 4 gallons per box

Product Code: SN-2049