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HSW50 Hest Set Web Inks Series – (Newspapers & Magazines Print, Books, Advertising jobs)

Description: Heat Set Web Offset Process Inks or HSW50 series, are oil based inks specially designed for web fed offset printing on newspapers publication, where speed of the machines varies between 10,000 to 50,000 IPH. A set of four standard process colors especially formulated for high speed heat set printing on coated and un-coated paper for books, magazines and newspapers. This ink has an excellent press running stability properties and color re-productivity. It exhibits good rub resistance and excellent drying on coated web news glazed papers (which is by solvent evaporation in thermostatically heating system). It is also used for book paper printing jobs.

Application: For printing by heat set web offset process on coated or glaze papers, un-coated papers or newsprint substrates for magazines, newspapers, books, advertising jobs. And recommended to all types of web offset machines. Good for surface or back page printing with better mass tone, halftone and letters or text types.

Standard Packing: Pail 20kgs | Drum 200kgs

Product Code: HSW50 7173 – Cyan or Blue | HSW50 8171 – Yellow | HSW50 8172 – Magenta or Red | HSW50 8174 – Black