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OS70 Offset Poly bond Inks Series – (Publishing, Advertising, Packaging & Jobbing work)

Description: Offset Poly-bond Inks or OS70 series are mineral oil based inks specially designed for sheet fed offset printing on coated paper or non-absorbent substrates on various types of offset machines. It is specially formulated for aluminum foil, PVC, PE coated boards, plastic stickers and various non-porous substrates, that gives good glossy and excellent adhesion. It exhibits and excellent rub resistant property and very good drying on both coated and un-coated papers. Offset Poly-bond inks has low odor and non-taint characteristics, also suitable for foodstuffs and confectionery

Application: For printing by offset process PE coated boards, aluminum foil, PVC and non-porous substrates for publishing, advertising, packaging and jobbing work, where high quality printing is required. Recommended to all types of offset sheet fed machines.

Standard packing: Can 1kg, 1.5kgs | Can 3kgs | Can 5kgs