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FLS Series – Surface Printing Heat Resistant – (Bread Plastic Bags)

Description: Sama Flexo Inks (HR) or FLS series are solvent based inks formulated for flexographic and rotogravure printing method. It is good and excellent for surface printing, with its wide range of uses, these inks are high heat resistant suitable for ink-in-seal applications; typically recommended for coextruded PP films, use for packaging.

Application: Flexographic printing process on corona treated polyethylene films and propylene films, washed aluminum (polyester chemical treated) and treated PE coated boards or poly corona treated for paper cups. Not recommended for PVC coated substrates, samaflex inks offer high degree of heat and jaw cutting resistance of printed films when used for fast running form, fill and seal packaging.

Standard Packing: Pail 25kgs (White) | Pail 20kgs (Other colors)