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UVOS Series – UV Cure OffSet Inks – (Advertising, Packaging & Publishing)

Description: U.V. Cure Offset Inks or UVOS series are based on aliphatic and/or aromatic acrylates with the most versatile oligomer type photoinitiator specially designed for offset printing machine on papers, boards, polythene coated boards  and plastic stickers. These inks are formulated that changes from liquid to solid state when exposed to ultra-violet curing system, UVOS inks are one-pack, short cure and without solvent waste, it exhibits an excellent rub resistance and drying properties.

Application: For offset printing on coated and un-coated papers, polymers films and various non-porous substrates for advertising, packaging and publishing. Where high quality printing machine is required, recommended to all types of offset sheet machine.

Standard Packing:  Can 1.5kg, 2.5kg (White) / Can 1kg, 2.5kg (Other colors)