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OS30 Offset Pantone Inks Series – (Based from Pantone Color Guide)

Description: Offset Pantone Inks or OS30 Series are oil based inks specially designed for sheet fed offset printing on coated and un-coated papers on various types of offset machines. It exhibits an excellent rub resistant property, good drying on both coated and un-coated papers, OS30 series are good and excellent surface printing both front and reverse side. Al Sama produces and manufactures of basic Pantone colors including white and black formulated according to the latest Pantone color guide, over 1000 colors can be mixed to answer any printing needs. These inks are suitable for printing on coated and uncoated stocks in all types of printing machines, with high gloss and fast drying properties.

Application: For printing by offset process on coated and un-coated paper for publishing, edvertising, packaging and jobbing work where high quality printing is required, and recommended in all types of offset sheet fed machines.

Standard Packing:  Can 1.5kg, 3kg, 5kg (White) | Can 1kg, 3kg, 5kg (Other colors)